We all want to live in the society where there is love, peace, joy, harmony, development, freedom from violence and corruption. The dream of a good society should have a foundation. One of such foundation is “Education”. A School is not merely a building it is a place that shapes the personality of a child. If we want our society to be good, the primary requirement is a quality school. Education is one of the important issues concerning the progress of the country as millions are left behind in the race of development owing to the lack of education.

This is education all about in The Crescent School. The Crescent School aspire all students to succeed in their world. It offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular and opportunities to increase the morale of the students with various activities.

Our students are the main focus. The Crescent School is proud of its students who are performing excellently throughout the session. Academic excellence in character and personality development is our ultimate goal. The well chalked out academic and co-curricular programme enables the students to attain their full potential to develop sound work habits. The academic work is centered on highly personalized attention and supervision. May we continue to give our students strong roots like a banyan tree and stronger wing to conquer the world!



Khurshid Alam