Technological edge- Computers & Internet

Computers and the internet are now a way of life and imperative in today’s world where digital literacy is growing by the day. Keeping our students aware of the latest developments in this field is our computer center to assist student’s curricular as well as co-curricular activities. Available for both curricular and co-curricular activities, the internet while freely available is closely monitored.

Reaping the benefits of technology, we lay particular emphasis on the intelligent and exhaustive use of IT in education. Our School students, as well as teachers, have started using an interactive net-based app that helps teachers and students connect the class, track progress and achieve more together.

This blended learning platform for schools expands the scope of teaching by including web-based material, class discussion on the net that often lead to both clarifications and interests in topics, and the creation, distribution, and graduation of assignments in a paperless way.

Recognising the numerous advantages it offers, apart from being a separate academic course.

Computing is also offered as an academic subject at A-level.