A New Way To Learn

The Crescent School, Kaptanganj is not just another school in dist. Kushinagar. Rather, it sets itself apart by following an innovative and advanced system of imparting knowledge to its students that gives them a much needed advantage in life.

  • Skill development is a key focus area. It aims at developing skills such as thinking independently and logically, analysing and grasping concepts, expressing and communicating confidently and effectively.
  • Academic development is a logical outcome wherein students learn but more important, they learn how to learn.
  • Emphasis is laid on creative and analytical approaches that enable one to apply conceptual expertise in problem solving. A problem can and usually does have many solutions just like an issue can have multiple perspectives. Students are encouraged to explore all and cope with intellectual challenges.
  • Rather than learning by rote, independence of views is encouraged and the strong conviction to stand by those. Students thus develop curious challenging minds that do not accept anything at face value delve deeper.
  • A strong value based moral code and work ethic is created that facilitates the acquisition of advanced inferential, interpretational, creative and co-relational skills.
  • This system ensures life readiness. Students are empowered to face competition with confidence, Debate and argue fluently and ambition and capability.