Student Life at The Crescent School

is a positive & vibrant experience

There is a shared belief in The Crescent community that a personalized approach, as defined by the mission, insists upon uniting life experience with the learning journey. Application of the core skills of the character, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical-thinking and problem-solving are discovered through tangible connections to nearly every aspect of the student’s life. Every task undertaken by the community to support the student is intentional and every step of the adventure of the supported. Global citizenship is a living, breathing, and textured phenomenon at the school, and students “feel” the aspects of growth and learning rather than simply witness or observe as bystanders.Student life at The Crescent is dedication to after school and auxiliary programs to enrich experience and honours to hone and recognize student talent by leading, serving, and engaging, local, regional, and global service, innovative connections of dining services to curriculum, use of experiential education adventures for fun, challenge, and reflection, a respect for community health and
wellness, and a diverse array of summer opportunities to cultivate sustainable learning.Students learn by doing.The Crescent School means a hands-on approach to learning in which students are asked to engage in projects and applications of content much more than they are asked to complete worksheets or
take paper-and-pencil tests. Enjoying while learning is fun and easy which motivates students in his/her educational field. Students search for new perspectives.The Crescent allows the student to access information and collaborate in relevant and meaningful fashions with the world around them. Students have the experience of the ways in which culture and history inform who we are. Partnerships such as Children Inspiring hope to help our students understand the ways in which we can communicate with those from other places and develop intercultural understanding and meaning.Students express themselves as individuals.The Crescent helps the student’s in learning how to share their talent and presence at an early age. When a student enters in school & decides a particular motive for the first time, developing their interest in studies or co-curricular activities as well as an understanding of the dedication and commitment it takes to be part of a motive.The Crescent is an opportunity to make new friends, take on new challenges, and fills every day with a sun, fun, and fresh experiences.Thank you for selecting The Crescent as your school of choice.