Not Just Another School

A Unique combination of factors sets The Crescent School apart from the rest:

  • Qualified and dedicated faculty: most teachers are highly experienced in ‘A’ level
  • Emphasis is on a practical application of theoretical knowledge and students learn by
    doing or experience and use what they learn.
  • Early training in The Crescent way at junior and middle level develops in every child.


Mathematical and Logical reasoning

Reading and Writing skills

Physical co-ordination

Leadership qualities

Communication and Comprehension skills

Imaginative and Analytical thinking

Literary and Poetic expression


Interpersonal skills

Independent thinking skills

  • Students are not forced to adhere to stipulated norms: the environment is disciplined, supervised- liberal with freedom for individual choices, enabling them to make responsible choices.
  • Commitment to help develop the complete personality of every student, offer them both roots and wings. Inbuilt physical facilities and services enable the school to actualize its aim